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David Hardiman is the author of the novel, Bailey’s Remarkable Plan. And you will LOVE the bond between this fabulous man and his service animal.

A Christian, David R. Hardiman lives with his wife of forty-six years in Arlington, Texas. He has served in numerous community leadership roles and as trustee for one of his previous colleges. David is the father of three daughters and the grandfather of six precious grandchildren. Bailey, a double-pedigreed shih tzu and special friend, completes the family as his beloved service dog. She arrived seven years ago with a remarkable plan to help David face his new life challenges. Bailey became the inspiration for David’s life story, Bailey’s Remarkable Plan.

Interview with Mr. Hardiman and Bailey

To get David’s book simply click the cover!


In this episode we learn:

Show Notes

    • David tells us about his family and how the book came to be when Bailey came along
    • The circumstances that required David to need a dog like Bailey
    • What was going on when David was born and how it shaped his future-a future colored by a veteran related trauma
    • The official name of his disorder (no, you cannot say it fast even once) and how Bailey knew from the start that he had something that needed her attention
    • Insider info on the catalyst that sent him to the writing chair
    • How faith changed his life and his situation with this disorder (which is very rare)
    • Discussion about Shih Tzus (and Bailey steps in for a visit!)
    • How this dog picked her owners instead of the other way around! (we had a glitch in the audio-but when it straightened out- I continued my story about my Tinkerbell and how we got Darby who also picked us)
    • Great info about service dogs and certification
    • Why David believes in angels and how Bailey fits into that belief
    • Where David is coming from, in regards to the message of this book, and how it is for Christians and non-Christians alike

and so, so much more, including David’s BEST advice for aspiring authors or anyone struggling! DO NOT MISS THIS!

Listen to my writing news info, personal update, and the AUDIO ONLY version of the interview here:

You can find David Hardiman online at:

Website : Bailey’s Remarkable Plan
or through his wonderful publicist, Stephanie Patrick at Cottage PR and Consulting.


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