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Robert Smith writes thrillers. Sometimes as TyCobbsTeeth (pen name) and he tells us how that pen name came to be in the podcast. Areas of the thriller genre that interest him are: Psychological; Suspense; Horror; and Crime/Detective. He’s from Prince Edward Island, just off Canada’s east coast, where the ocean winds drive the cold waves of the north Atlantic hard against the island’s red cliffs. More recently he is from Ottawa, and the US East coast.
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Be sure to have a listen to Robert’s interview by clicking on the podcast player below. We discuss his work, including, Breakfast is Severed, Society for Supper, and What Lies Within which is coming soon.

You can get these works by Mr. Smith by clicking on the covers.

In this episode, we learn about:

Show Notes

  • Robert Smith’s journey into writing thrillers and how visual arts has played a part in that
  • How Stephen King influenced his writing
  • What led him to write his first short story, Breakfast is Severed (a tagline did it!)and a little about the sequel Society for Supper
  • Discussion about ideas and how they can disrupt your life
  • Insider info about Robert’s pen name and how it came to be and how Sotheby’s Auctions played a part
  • Details about how writing under a pseudonym can be problematic
  • A look into the new work, What Lies Within, and what he is going to do with it
  • His new agent (Debbie Lyon) works for Media Bitch Literarybased in the UK but has agents in the US and Canada.

AND SO MUCH MORE including his best advice for aspiring authors!

One of the books we discussed was his favorite Stephen King story. You can get IT here by clicking on the cover:


You can find him online at his Facebook page Robert Smith, Thrillers and on Twitter @tycobbsteeth

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