WGP Episode 56: Eliza Gale, Interviewer

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Eliza Gale runs, Eliza Gale’s Interviews which is a website on which she interviews writers, actors, and other artists about their jobs and their dreams. She is a part-time proletarian and part-time professional blogger, whose work has appeared on AXS, Examiner, Portland Metro Live and other websites.

Ms. Gale is a published poet and a produced playwright. Her play, “The Little Nebbish” is about a disgruntled telemarketer who plots to destroy the coworkers who bully her and the roommate who uses her.
Her novel, “Papaya Paltrow, The Psychic and The Time Machine” will be released on April 11, 2016. The book is about a fake psychic who stumbles across a real time machine in her roommate’s closet. She uses the technology to advance her career and become a clairvoyant to the stars. One day she travels too far into the future where America has become a positive thinking police state.

This is an audio-only episode so put your earbuds in and have a listen!

In this episode, we discuss:

Show Notes

  • How long Eliza has been doing interviews
  • Why she chose interview format to produce
  • She explains what a proletarian is
  • She tells us about her play, The Little Nebbish
  • Discussion about her as an interviewee rather than the interviewer and why others don’t reciprocate when they are asked to give an interview
  • Insider details about her site page called Page of Flakes and what it really is
  • How many subjects do not answer all their questions
  • Her 8 rules for interview subjects and why it is important
  • Insights into one particular interview and how the subject tried to hide behind a fake persona
  • Her most memorable interview with Ric O’Barry
  • What her perfect subject would be
  • Advice for someone looking to start a blog to interview subjects


    Her site is: http://www.elizagalesinterviews.com

    Click the cover to go to Amazon to purchase this great work!


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