WGP Episode 51- Jordan Nasser, romance author

Welcome, Groupies! This is episode 51 of the podcast, and today I chat with Jordan Nasser.

Jordan left his dream job behind and took the opportunity to re-examine his life—an experience he highly recommends if you ever have the chance. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, he was raised in the South before moving to New York City. He currently lives and writes in Stockholm, Sweden and Nice, France.

In his debut novel, Home Is a Fire, he drew upon his experiences growing up in the South. Outstanding reviews placed the book on the Amazon top ten rated LGBT fiction list. That story continues in his second novel, The Fire Went Wild.

So, here we go…on with the show!


Jordan’s a quiet-spoken, interesting writer. I am excited to have him on Writer Groupie Podcast. Be sure to check out his sites at the bottom of this post.


In this episode, we learn:

  • How Jordan’s book mimics real life.
  • Why he wrote the second book, first.
  • Insider details about how he wanted the book to be received.
  • Why he chose to indie-publish.
  • Information on what Jordan would tell an aspiring author today.
  • and so MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!

    Find Mr. Nasser on these sites:
    Jordan Nasser’s website
    Jordan’s Facebook page

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