WGP Episode 49 – Jim Hodgson, humor author, satirist

About Jim Hodgson

This week I am so excited to have Jim Hodgson on the podcast! Jim and I were table-mates at our book signing in March of 2015 at MidSouthCon. I instantly became a fan and started chasing him around the web at all the social sites. He is a fun. busy guy and I know you are going to love our chat.
Jim Hodgson started writing in the mid 90s, after high school. When his adoptive mother passed in 2006, he turned to his writing as a means of coping with her loss. From there it became an invaluable part of his life.

He’s the co-host of Crossthreaded, a homemade car show, and the host of Atlanta Explained at Village Theatre.

He’s the founder and editor of The Atlanta Banana, a satirical newspaper. He’s worked as a standup comic and as a sketch writer for Sketchworks. His work has been published in Georgia Music Magazine, Creative Loafing, Cacti Fur, and Dirge Magazine.

He’s the author of novels Ten Thousand Gods, Dangerous Dan, and Hearts Racing (published by Soul Mate Publishing).


  • Jim talks about what he’s been writing/publishing/producing over the last few months
  • References to Brandon Sanderson’s BYU lectures some of which you can listen to here
  • Links to Ten Thousand Gods Episode ONE here AND IT IS FREE!!!
  • We discuss the serial story model and how it can be a good route to gain an audience
  • Chat about Ten Thousand Gods and where the idea came from
  • I learn about Ronson’s book, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed
  • We discuss the freedom of indie publishing and writing.
  • We discuss cons and fried chicken that is to be found in Memphis.
  • What’s coming up next in this author’s life
  • Jim explains what funny is, and how to make it happen


You can find Jim Hodgson here:
Jim’s Amazon Page

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