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Episode 74 Gerald Hausman, storyteller and author

gerald Gerald Hausman chatted with me about his work and the writing life.


Gerald Hausman is the author of more than 70 books. His live storytelling has been praised by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, History Channel, and the Bank Street College of Education. He and his wife have received numerous awards in the field of children’s literature.

“As a writer I have often been called a scribe. This is because in the gathering of oral tales, I have always tried to get the story right. To capture the flavor, the region and the moral as the original storyteller gave it to me. The NYT Book Review called my collection of American Indian stories, Tunkashila ‘an eloquent tribute to the first great storytellers of America.'”

In addition to his 22 years of story gathering and telling in New Mexico, Gerald also spent 13 summers on the island of Jamaica where he ran an informal writing school with his wife, Lorry. Together they collected Anansi stories, stories from and about the Kebra Nagast, and traditional West Indian ghost stories.


“I remember when History Channel filmed tales from my book “Duppy Talk”. My best friend Roy was not an actor, but because of his handsome face he was cast as the man who was enchanted by a mermaid. When I saw him on film, I asked Roy how he was able to do the underwater scene and keep that look of astonishment when he saw the made-up mermaid smiling on the river bank. He told me, ‘That look on my face comes from the fact I can’t swim. I was very scared.'”

Gerald teaches writing workshops in various parts of the United States and is most recently the author of “The American Storybag” — 40 years of story gathering on and off the road. He lives on a barrier island in Florida.

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In this episode with Gerald Hausman, we discuss:


  • We learn where Gerald started creating his stories and how his mother was instrumental in his idea development for stories
  • Why Gerald writes
  • What Gerald did when he quit writing for two years and how it brought him back to the writing of stories
  • We learn a bit about sun signs and moon signs and what that means for writers and creatives
  • Insider details about the Guns anthology that Gerald edited (mostly collected the stories from the interesting authors) and contributed to, and how some of the most famous characters in classic stories had ancestors and historians contribute to this book
  • Gerald reads to us from GUNS (Billy the Kid)
  • We get a great insider look at guns and how a spiritual life to a gun is a part of this anthology
  • How asking the right questions can get a book created
  • How listening to the answer to the questions can also bring about the story
  • We talk about audiobooks and how it impressed Gerald with its resonance
  • AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!

    Listen to my writing news info, personal update, and the AUDIO ONLY version of the interview here:

    You can find Gerald Hausman online at:


    Website : http://www.geraldhausman.com
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gahausman
    Publisher : http://www.speakingvolumes.us
    Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Gerald-Hausman/e/B000AQ4WEO


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