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WGP Episode 54 – JD Rhoades, hardboiled mystery author

Born and raised in North Carolina, J.D. Rhoades has worked as a radio
news reporter, club DJ, television cameraman, ad salesman, waiter,
attorney, and newspaper columnist. His weekly column in North Carolina’s
The Pilot was twice named best column of the year in its division.
Author of The Devil’s Right Hand, Good Day in Hell, Safe and Sound,
Breaking Cover, and Broken Shield, he lives, writes, and practices law
in North Carolina.


There is a lot more info about JD Rhoades and his books at his Amazon page also, at:


In this episode, we learn about:

Show Notes

  • JD’s writing life and how he broke into the trad pub market (St. Martin’s-Minotaur) and subsequently went hybrid
  • Information about his covers which truly do brand his genre and books
  • We talk a bit about Jason Pinter and Polis Books
  • Insider info on the hardboiled PI genre and how it appealed to JD
  • The explanation of redneck-noir and how it came to be and how Ice Chest was a departure from his norm in genre/book
  • Insight into his southernistic point of view (JD is a North Carolina man) sometimes encouraged by what he reads
  • Details about the writing of Good Day in Hell and how he makes the setting and character step off the page
  • Info about what JD thinks will happen in the industry as we go along based on the changes that have already occurred (ie. Joe Konrath and how he has led the way for indies)
  • His opinion about how indies need to make their work indistinguishable from trad pub books
  • How Polis Books took publishing in a new direction by giving authors like JD a new opportunity and how social media became a part of it
  • Insider details: JD offers a few new authors to try that are with Polis YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!
  • Virtual reality, Oculus Rift, and JD Rhoades (totally funny)
  • Insight: If JD went wide, or stayed exclusive with Kindle and his opinion about both
  • AND SO MUCH MORE including his best advice for aspiring authors!!!


    The latest Jack Keller novel:


    You can find him online at his website http://www.jdrhoades.blogspot.com and on Twitter @JD_Rhoades

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