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WGP Episode 53- Interview with David Wilma, historical fiction

Continuing my interviews with authors of all types and genres, this is the interview with David Wilma. I met David through the podcast, and Twitter, and when he sent me a contact form telling me about his work, I agreed, very excitedly. This is a fun and informative interview that you will LOVE!


David Wilma is a writer and historian in the Pacific Northwest with seven books, the script for a video documentary, and hundreds of encyclopedia essays to his credit. In prior careers he was a federal law enforcement officer, a policeman, and a volunteer advocate in court for foster children. He splits his time between a home in the city and one on an island where he has a wood shop and an amateur radio station.

Show Notes

  • David tells us about himself and his writing life, including how he left his day job in the federal government and started writing full time
  • Insider details about his book, Down the River which is based on actual events
  • Information about writing history and how much research is needed
  • We learn why David decided to write from the first person perspective of an illiterate slave and who this storyteller is
  • What he tried to accomplish in the dialect of his subjects
  • How he felt as he wrote through scenes of brutality and terror
  • We discuss who he used to be when he was in law enforcement and how it has affected his writing
  • How he believes racism has always been a part of our society and the undercurrent that is beneath everything having to do with slaveholders
  • We discuss the followup book to Down the River called The Guardian, and how it is based on events surrounding the Underground Railroad
  • David tells me what he thinks the most difficult part of being a writer is today
  • He gives his best advice for an aspiring author

                                    Down the River by David Wilma (click on cover to purchase)


The Guardian by David Wilma (click on cover to purchase)


You can also find David Wilma at:

Website: http://www.davidwilma.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/David-Wilma-Books-1041396969244452/



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