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WGP Episode 59 Dr. Robert Williscroft, Hard Sci Fi

Dr. Robert G. Williscroft is an adventurer, deep sea diver, nuclear submariner, polar explorer, and author to name a few of his accomplishments. See his website here at this link to see what all he has done in his life. He will educate and entertain you all in the span of the first five minutes of our interview. Robert’s many achievements encourages us to greater heights with our work by the knowledge that we CAN DO THIS! We are only limited by gravity, as I am known to say.

Robert has written six books and has been interviewed by 41 radio talk shows on 38 radio stations across the nation, several of them twice or more. I am very lucky to have him on Writer Groupie again, and believe me, you will love this show.


A reviewer said of his book Slingshot 

In this episode, we learn about:

Show Notes

  • Dr. Williscroft tells us what he’s been doing since we last met
  • He tells us about hard sci fi and how it is important to get the research right if you want to write it
  • We get insight into his journey as a scientist, adventurer, and author
  • He tells us how he ended up at the South Pole conducting research
  • We learn how the book The Chicken Little Agenda came into being
  • He gives us inside details about diving (and the serious problems it can create if you don’t come back up properly)
  • Details about Operation Ivy Bells and how that book is based on facts
  • Robert shares with us the things he is doing to promote his work, including what Linkedin Pulse has to offer
  • He gives insider details about his book Slingshot and how it was featured at a conference and how he offers to anyone who wants to get an autographed hardback copy he will get them a special coffee mug also.
  • Details about how he got 30,000 followers on Twitter

AND SO MUCH MORE including his best advice for aspiring authors!

A few of his books:





STARMAN JONES-A Relativity Birthday Presemt (children’s book)

Coming soon!




You can find her online at his Facebook page Robert Williscroft and on Twitter @RGWilliscroft

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