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Writing Motivators and the Muse

You can rev up your writing ability with some simple writing tweaks. Your inner muse needs exercise to stay in shape — but writing sprints don’t need to be tiresome. They can be quick and exhilarating as you see how much you can turn out in a short period of time.


These muse-tweakers should be practiced without self-critique, interior limitations, or worries about what someone else might think about your writing. The purpose is to allow your creativity the freedom to relax and create. You don’t have to show this piece to anyone if you don’t want to, it will be just for YOU!

Try a different tweaker every week to see what moves your imagination and awakens your inner muse.

1. Write about your desk/writing table.

Simply write a paragraph or two about your writing spot. You can write in first person (the “I am” point of view), or write in third person, where you describe what you see as the narrator.

2. Tell a story from your recollection.

This is my fav to do when I am short on ideas. I will just sit down and start writing something about my own life experience and voila! I am off and running.

3. Use writing motivators – or generators

There are a lot of online idea generators, but I can also recommend a book for you to get that will encourage your writing muse to write. It is Ten Tips for Getting that Book Written.

It has a bunch of writing motivators, or muse-tweakers in it and I believe it will help you with getting your writing kick-started.

I also have a Facebook group called “Writing Motivators” and in it I post lists of items to use in a story or book. (Usually these are posted on Friday) So check it out!

No matter how knowledgeable you are, you can always improve your creativity. You can always learn new ways to unburden yourself of your creativity and/or excite a reader.

If you are a writer and have anything to add to this, please leave a comment below.

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