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WGP Episode 57: Sean Grigsby, author

Traditionally published author Sean Grigsby has been working in the shadows since 2008. His work has appeared in many print anthologies and a creepypasta on Youtube. He is a reviewer and slush reader for Grimdark Magazine, and former associate editor for Dark Recesses Magazine. He is now repped by an agent at the Donald Maass Agency.


There is a lot more info about Sean and his work at his Amazon page also, at:


In this episode, we learn about:

Show Notes

  • We learn how Sean got an agent and why he chose traditional publishing over indie publishing
  • Insider info on Sean’s first attempt at writing a novel
  • His opinion and thoughts on synopis writing and how his first novel experience helped him
  • Details about his accepted work and what the concept is for the book that was picked up by his agent
  • Information about “the call” when it came
  • How he writes
  • Inspiration from Sean about having a heart for what you do
  • Insider details about his own experience as an interviewer and how he finds time to do that with two babies and a full-time job
  • Details about his time with the Nielson-Haydens (of Tor Books) at Mid-South Con
  • We discuss Tor Books and what they accept and how
  • Information about what is coming up for Sean
  • His thoughts about indie publishing
  • His best advice for aspiring authors
  • Books Sean is reading: (click the image to go to Amazon and get yours!)
  • Myke Cole’s Gemini Cell

    Bentley Little’s The Summoning

    Sam Sykes’s The City Stained Red


    You can find him online at his website http://www.seangrigsby.com and on Twitter @SeanGrigsby


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