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Why I am on #YouTube and why you should care

Ever wonder why someone is on #YouTube? This is the one you have been waiting for.

All about Writer Groupie and why I haven’t been active in so long and what on earth has brought me back around again.

It’s a new year, and a new chance to make videos for writers. I love to write, and I love those who write also. I hope you will enjoy this real-in-your-face video about me and my choice to shoot again and upload to this channel even though my situation is not perfect. Not that having a perfect situation is required. See other videos shot recently to find testimony to that fact. I am trying. That’s all one can do, right?

But if you listen to all the hoopla all you have to do is create videos, upload them, create a buzz for them, and voila! You’re an Internet hit. Well, on #YouTube anyway. They say you don’t have to have fancy cameras, or gear. Not even good lighting if you use a sunny location.


Word to the wise: you ain’t gotta be perfect to start a #YouTube channel-you ain’t even gotta be purty.

Photo by mikoto.raw on Pexels.com

The link mentioned is for this site: www.writergroupie.net I will upload quite a lot of videos for a while in hopes that this channel grows to the numbers it deserves. I am trying so hard to get 100 subscribers so that the channel can get its own name.

If you have suggestions on what you would like to see in the form of how to videos or vlogs or like that here at #YouTube, please let me know.

You can find me on social media at:



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Who am I and what is this channel all about?

Thanks for watching. I promise to make things better each time. I even bought a tripod tonight, so if that ain’t dedication, well, I don’t know what is.

Who is my book buyer/reader?

Recently, while listening to many varied podcasts, I discovered something that we don’t think nearly enough about. Our book buyers. Who the heck are these people buying our books?

We can no longer just say, oh, my book buyer is twenty something and reads romance or a 45 year old man who loves thrillers. Now we have to know more specifics. We have to know WHO they really are and WHY they are buying OUR book.
So who is today’s book buyer? And how can we harness that information into creating content that they REALLY want?book buyer

Four ways to know these book buyers

1. First and foremost, where are they spending all their online time? Are they prone to stay on Facebook, or Twitter? Or are they more the website surfer-type, preferring instead Stumbleupon or Digg?

2. While they are online, what are they getting? Do they patrol ezines? Blogs? Or maybe it’s more like the forum boards?

3. Do they actively seek out these places and read the posts listed or do they prefer it to be given to them from a different media, such as video (Youtube, Vimeo) or audio, (podcasts, radio shows)

4. And finally, but certainly not least in importance, what sort of materials are they interested in? Are they book buyers, or short story readers? How about poetry? Maybe it has to do with tech articles? Are they writers too? That may put a whole nother twist to the tale.

If you will ask these sorts of questions and seek out the same spots that your potential book buyers visit, you may find buying habits that you can incorporate into your product. If a romance writer has a character that is into race cars and said writer is over at the race car forums, and suddenly they have a ton of new friends, well, it’s because they’ve just found a niche market to learn more from. This may be for the (a) research of the book or (b) the selling of the book, but at any rate they can now use this connection to some of these new friends in a great way.

Tell me what you think about when you envision your reader in the comments below.