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We will be doing podcasts, and guest posts/interviews on this blog for the foreseeable future. Doing the Youtube channel videos became such a hassle it wasn’t worth the trouble. We may bring all that back in 2021 if we can get more time to pursue those projects.

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Writer Groupie will host author Melodie Romeo on the blog on November 26th. You may know Melodie from her books, or maybe you know her from her location (Mississippi has great authors!) .

Here is her bio from Amazon. Y’all check it out!

Melodie Romeo is a native of Vicksburg, Mississippi. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of Southern Mississippi and a master’s degree in History from the University of West Florida. Ms. Romeo is a retired school teacher who currently travels the country as an over the road truck driver with Prime, Inc. Her first book, Vlad a Novel, (https://www.facebook.com/VladANovel) a historical thriller, was published in 2002. She has short stories published in anthologies by Seventh Star Press, Charon Coin Press, Alban Lake Press, and Less Than Three Press. Her LGBT fiction is written under the pen name Edale Lane to differentiate from her more mainstream stories. She has a son, Peter, and a daughter, Michele who both serve in the US Army, a daughter-in-law, Jessica, and grandsons, Mark and Asher. She resides in Utica, MS with her longtime partner, Johanna.

Melodie is also a musician who plays the French horn, composes, and has spent many years as a choral or instrumental director. She aspires to be a successful enough author to quit driving and devote herself to writing full-time.


Her first book is still available on Amazon click on the image below.

Anyway, this is just a little preview of what’s to come just before the big holiday starts. I hope you enjoy this information about our guests coming soon.


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