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WGP Episode 62: Dana Faletti, YA and Women’s Fiction

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Dana Faletti is a Pittsburgh native who loves Broadway musicals and knows all the words to Les Miserables – the entire show. One of her favorite TV series is Sons of Anarchy, and her favorite movie is the Sound of Music. Don’t try to start a conversation with her in the morning until she’s had at least one cup of coffee – preferably Starbucks, but do come over for a glass of wine (red) and some good conversation at dinner time. Dana loves to cook and owned a successful catering business for a few years, before giving it up to focus on her family and write full-time. She shares her life with a Gemini husband who also knows every word to Les Mis, and three amazing daughters – an eleven-year-old theatre buff, a nine-year-old future mega-entrepreneur, and a curly-haired six-year-old who is the true CEO of the household.
Dana has been writing for what seems like forever. Her young adult trilogy, The Whisper Series, is a paranormal romance that’s rife with angels, demons and forbidden romance, as well as a message of love and acceptance that has touched readers nationwide. Her newest novel, Beautiful Secret, is a women’s fiction set in the scorched hills of Southern Italy, where Dana has spent much time traveling and visiting relatives. Beautiful Secret is set to be released this summer by Pandamoon Publishing. Dana has a love affair with all things Italian and is proud to be part of the loud, crazy, and wonderful Italian family that inspired her new book.

To get any of Dana’s books simply click the cover!

In this episode we learn:

Show Notes

  • The insider details of Dana Faletti’s journey as an author
  • Information about her YA trilogy, The Whisper Trilogy and her upcoming release, Beautiful Secret
  • We discuss her website and blog contents, be sure to see the links below this post!
  • We get the scoop on her publisher, Pandamoon Publishing
  • Inspiration from her on the three things she wants to accomplish as an author

AND SO MUCH MORE including her best advice for aspiring authors!

*with intro from hostess, Kim Smith*

You can find her online at:

Website: http://www.danafaletti.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/authordanafaletti/
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/danafaletti @danafaletti
Blog: http://www.danafaletti.blogspot.com

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