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WGP Episode 46 – Horror Author, Jack Wallen


Welcome Jack Wallen, horror author

BIO (this is the long version):

You’re listening to …
Oh wait, wrong shtick. This isn’t about a DJ or an apocalypse. This is about Jack … just Jack.
If you don’t mind, I’m going to work in third-person here. Yeah, I’m going to call myself, The Jack.
Too pretentious? Okay. Fine. I’ll just go with “Jack”.
The path to becoming a professional writer was certainly the one less traveled for Jack. Originally, Jack’s artistic bent led him to a career as an actor.
No, not an actor in a bear costume (not even for “Furry Porn”). Jack did it his way. Working on Broadway and with regional and Shakespeare theatres across the country, Jack is proud to have held his own as an actor for over twenty years.
Twenty freakin’ years. Am I really that old?
Oh wait … third person.
Crap, where was Jack? Oh yes, he remembers.
But, as they say, all good things…
Before the economy had a chance to completely destroy the theatre arts, Jack decided to take his final curtain call during a production with the heralded Stage One Theatre for Young Audiences. It was, however, during that long career that Jack discovered he had a knack for the written word. His first, full-length novel was written between 2000 and 2003. That book, A Blade Away, eventually became his first published work. It didn’t take Jack long to fall in love with the creative process of writing and he followed that first book up with the cult-favorite, Shero.
horror author jack wallen

It wasn’t until Jack woke up one summer morning with a simple question on his mind, that he would finally dive into the craft of horror fiction tooth and nail. That question, “What would it be like to transform into a zombie?” led Jack to pen the first novel in the I Zombie series — I Zombie I.
horror author jack wallen

From there, Jack dove into the deeper waters of horror and has never looked back.

And I have the pleasure of his attention on this podcast.
In this episode we discuss,

  • Jack’s entry into the world of writing from the world of acting
  • His writing process first draft-and how it is like a movie
  • What is binge-reading and how it has given rise to a writer’s series of books
  • How Kindle Unlimited is affecting writer’s bottom line
  • Why Jack is Amazon exclusive
  • Jack’s opinion about who will come out on top of the publishing dynasty that is formulating today
  • What part luck plays in the writing industry today
  • Jack’s comparison to nursing and writing and how there is little room for error.
  • What an editor can do for your book
  • Insider info about Jack’s audio history, and podcasts ( Hypergraphia ) ( ZombieRadio )
  • BONUS: Inspiration: Jack’s advice (one line quote you must hear!)
  • and so much more!!!

    Check it out!

    Jack Wallen
    Award winning author of dark, twisty fiction,
    tech writer, podcaster, and audiobook narrator
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