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Catching Up July Happenings (PODCAST)

Welcome to another episode of my podcast. I just popped in today to let you know all of what has been going on with me. This has been a summer to remember, for sure!

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Catching Up July Happenings


A Writer’s Favorite Things and May Milestones

This week I am talking about all of my favorite things and my May milestones. Enjoy!

Tarot for Writers: Jack and Diane

In this video, I pull tarot cards for a writer out there who is trying to plot a book but everything is going TOO WELL. Enter Jack and Diane…who I meant to say Billy Joe and Bobbi Sue. Anyway, have a laugh at my expense in this little tarot card pull for writers.

The deck I am using is called the Millennium Thoth deck, and it can be purchased here: https://amzn.to/3wMNgk4

This is an affiliate link and if you purchase this deck, I will make a small commission.

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My first Scribbler unboxing!

Hey everybody! This is my first Scribbler box unboxing. If you are a writer, you definitely need to check out this video.

The Scribbler boxes are filled to the brim with items a writer will use. I EVEN GOT A BOOK!!!!

Author Xio Axelrod’s latest book arrived in the box. Her Facebook site is: www.facebook.com/xio.axelrod.3

You can get your own Scribbler box at www.goscribbler.com

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Music by www.audiotrimmer.com/royalty-free-music