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Here are a few important tips for guests-to-be :

1. My interviews are conducted via Skype. If you do not have a Skype account, you will have to get one in order to be on Writer Groupie.
2. I do conduct audio only interviews, AND video interviews, but they are recorded via Skype, so you will need a Skype account. When you contact me about being on the show, be sure to let me know what sort of interview you want to have, audio or video.
3. It is customary for me to promote your interview via many various outlets (Facebook, iTunes, Twitter, Triberr, Tumblr, Youtube etc.) but you won’t know about it if you do not like, friend, or follow me on those sites. See my list of links below the contact form.
4. I will need a headshot, a book cover, and a bio for the blog post that accompanies each interview. If you have a list of links, throw those in, too.
5. To have the best experience, promote your interview.


If you want to get on the show, contact me via the contact page below:


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Upcoming Guest List

December 10 – Gerald Hausman, native american stories
December 13 – Lori Roberts, historical author
December 27 – Jack Wallen, audiobook narrator


January 3 – James William Peercy, fantasy
January 10 – Writing Guru post
January 17 – Herika Raymer, writer/editor
January 24 – H.W. Vivian, YA novels
January 31 – R.J. Sullivan, speculative fiction

February 7 – Mick Williams, romantic comedy
February 14 – Elizabeth Bevarly – romance
February 21 – Writing Guru post
February 28 – John Pyka, entertainer extraordinaire

March 7 – Writing Guru post
March 14 – Jim Gillentine(horror) and Elizabeth Donald (dark fantasy/horror)
March 21 – Dave Schroeder, sci-fi/fantasy
March 28 – open