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Writer Groupie Podcast is GROWING!

Just a quick update for you guys to let you know that Writer Groupie Podcast is experiencing the usual slowdown that happens in summer time. WE ARE STILL HERE! But our shows might be a little sporadic as everyone gets that summer time vacation in. If you want to get on the podcast, please visit our Booking Page – and let us know. We are interested in booking writers, publishers, book cover artists, and other industry pros – if you think you might have something to share, contact us.


We would love to get a lot of new followers/fans/subscribers. The reason is purely selfish. We have plans to GROW WGP! There are great NEW segments coming on the show, including a sort of groupie corner where your writing guru, (me!), will discuss aspects of the writing life that you may need help with. We are going to get busy with a newsletter soon also, so you can subscribe to that and be in on the latest news first!

We will also examine a lot of things about the writing world, and writing news, so – please fan, follow, like, subscribe, to our channels and sites to be sure you are in on the latest and greatest in the writing universe. You can find links to our Youtube channel and iTunes site at the end of every podcast blog post. I will begin adding that info on my intros on the podcast as well.

We also have a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and we are also on Google+ so – go out and find us everywhere on social media.

We are also gearing up for the groupie guests who are coming in July – including Michael Bowler and Rich Zahradnik.

WGP will host a few author interviews via guest blogging in July as well, so you guys get in here and check it out!

Another great writing article is coming for you…but if you are just hungry for that NOW – you can visit http://www.kimsmithauthor.com and get one today.

As always, thank you for being a Writer Groupie groupie. We appreciate you!

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