WGP Episode 76 – We’re BAAACK!

Hey everybody! We are back and this is our inaugural episode although it is numbered as though there was never a TWO YEAR BREAK! And of course, I have said in the video that this is episode 75 – and it is NOT. I would never take the limelight from Lori Roberts and her wonderful episode. You can go listen to it here. It is the real episode 75 not this one.

In this episode (76) you will hear:

  1. What has gone on for the last two years
  2. Who is now doing audio/video production for the show
  3. When you can get on the show for YOUR episode!
  4. A great new idea for you to get an audio clip of your book in front of OUR fans!

Things I still have to do:

  1. Figure out how to get this stuff uploaded to YouTube once again
  2. Ditto for iTunes
  3. Get a format down so that you guys are familiar with how it goes

Not that having a format is all that important for the interview segments. You are totally fine to make it the “Mr or Mrs My Book and all about me” show. But if you have some other sites you frequent that you would like to see our show go up at, please do let me know. (I am going to check out Twitch soon)

But, enough of my jabber. The latest episode is below and I hope you enjoy it.


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