Episode 71 S.C. Hall, Book Critic and Book Reviews

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Since the age of 11, S. C. Hall has been in the world of writing. Throughout the years his mediums of word form have steadily evolved. From poetry to articles, then to short stories and critic work. When asked why he writes He simply replies, “To stay sane,” due to his struggles with bipolar/depression. He uses writing as an outlet to help process his depression. This is evident in his first project titled “You Are Not Alone,” which will be a collection of short stories all focused on the reality of what it is to live with depression.
When not writing he is killing Zombies and other forms of gaming enemies. He also enjoys the cinema and building or refurbishing furniture.

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In this episode we learn:

Show Notes

  • Who S.C. Hall is and what he does as a book critic
  • The difference between a book critic and a reviewer
  • How the process of book critic works and how S.C. Hall manages his time with a book
  • What specific things he looks at when critiquing a book and how a book critic is something like an editor
  • Whether an avid reader could consider themself a book critic
  • Info on book reviews and how Mr. Hall handles those (see links below)
  • We learn about his work with Hydra Publications and other small presses and how he promotes them as clients.
  • He defines his work ethic and whether he works with indie authors or not.
  • How he keeps bias out of his opinions
  • Why bringing something new to a genre is always a great way to interest a reviewer/critic
  • Insider details about Hall’s collection of short stories and how he hopes it helps the community of people who suffer from mental health issues.
  • and his BEST advice for aspiring authors!

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    You can find S.C. Hall online at:


    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dragoncritic
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/s.c.hallwriting
    Twitter: @SCHallWriting
    Email: s.c.hallwriting@gmail.com
    Blog: https://www.dragoncritic.blogspot.com and https://schallwriting.blogspot.com


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