Episode 70: James Patrick, political thrillers, Blood Profits

James N. Patrick
Jim Patrick is a former Senior Executive and is an author, life coach and a specialist in world affairs, trend analysis, business development and startups.

Jim was deeply involved in the political arena during the late sixties and during the time of the Watergate scandal. He managed political campaigns at all levels and was a well known strategist in regards to the emerging ‘baby boomer’ vote. He served on the advance team for the White House and attended numerous White House receptions and got to know all of the key players at that time in our country’s history.

He has 45+ years of experience at all levels and has worked with or for some of the top business and government leaders globally.

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Interview with Jim Patrick

Show Notes
In this episode we learn:

  • About Jim and his career in politics and writing
  • What led Jim to write Blood Profits and who KT Frog is
  • Why Jim wrote the book in serial fashion and how it has to do with corruption
  • Why Jim wrote all the landmarks in the book from real places
  • How Jim put together the characters and all their info and how he wove the cast together
  • What made Jim decide to write political thrillers
  • We discuss whether it is a character-driven or plot-driven sort of series
  • Brief reference to book two (which is upcoming!)
  • We learn if Jim thinks the series will make it into the movie industry
  • How this election year has become like the movie “Network”

and so, so much more, including his BEST advice for aspiring authors

Listen to my writing news info, personal update, and the AUDIO ONLY version of the interview here:

You can find more about Jim Patrick and his work online at:
Blood Profits, The Lithium Conspiracy
Blood Profits’ Facebook Page
Twitter page


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