A Short List for Creative People



Have you ever considered what that word means concerning you and your art? What about when you have trouble in the support department?

Have you ever been in the mood to write and someone simply says “Why?” and it makes you shrink away?

Never EVER let anyone steal your dreams

Do not listen to the naysayers, don’t surround yourself with negative people, don’t try to make non-writers get what you’re dreaming of.

They won’t.

Instead, look around for the positive, ful-filling side of the writing life. Find people who commend you on this journey you’re on.

Books exist because of efforts just like yours.

Dig in and create something. You do not need the permission of others to make art. Art is yours for the creating! Even if no one ever sees it, or reads it, you will have made something that centered you.

Here is a short list of things you need as a creative:


No woo-woo here. We all need those people in our lives to understand and appreciate us for who we are.  And what we do when we are creative.


We should have the exuberance of someone discovering the most wonderful miracle ever uncovered. We are making something never before made. Enjoy that.


It is never too late to learn a new skill, and oftentimes, we need to be schooled in the field of our choice. You can learn a lot in conferences, workshops, and seminars. Online or in person, it is mportanti to keep skills honed. Check out my personal website for posts about writing.


No doubt about it, you must have determination to win over those obstacles that crop up in any creative endeavor. Sometimes it is only a word that might cause us to stumble and fall – sometimes it is a scene – or a chapter. No matter, with determination, YOU CAN DO IT!

So, in the end, I just wanted you to know that Writer Groupie Podcast is HERE for YOU. If you want to promote your finished work, drop us a line. We care. We want to help!

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