One on One Coaching

About Kim, the writing guru

10616027_10152238145215800_8677113605509518776_nKim is an author, speaker, coach, and writing business consultant. In 2008-2011, a NY publishing company (now out of business) published her first mystery series and several of her short romances. Since then, she has appeared at libraries, high schools, colleges, and writing events as a professional speaker, author, and coach.

Writer Groupie offers coaching services with Kim that can help you fulfill your dream of becoming an author. You can hold your book in print or see it on the virtual shelf in just a few short weeks.

One on One Coaching

  • Career assessment–where you are and where you are planning to go
  • Mind map of discussion so you have a starting and ending point
  • Sessions are created individually based on the writer’s needs
  • Helpful links are given to you to aid in the production of books

Coaching is $50 per hour payable via Paypal.

Please feel free to contact me via the contact form below, and please put COACHING in the subject line.

Get Kim, the writing guru, on your own for one hour or more via a Skype or Google Hangout. Kim has years of experience in writing, publishing, and marketing books and ebooks.