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Do you write articles?

Used to be authors could get traction in the writing world by writing articles. There are still a number of good articles sites out there, but I think most authors don’t do this anymore. Maybe it is due to all of us having a mailing list and sharing that way, or maybe it is just another time suck which takes us away from our true calling, writing books.

Whatever it is, if you are still one who writes articles for the reading public, here are ten tips for writing articles. Maybe you can use this on your blog, also, as it certainly would be good things to ask yourself for that as well.

Ten Writing Tips for Writers

Everyone’s process is certainly different, but here are a few things that belong on everyone’s list.

1. Pick a topic, or genre, or subject.
Some authorities call this finding a niche. Depends on where you are putting the info.
2. Who will be your reader?
Always focus on your reader. Willy nilly sorts of posts don’t get much traffic.
3. Where can you get more info on this topic?
The Internet is a great resource, but be careful to check the info for accuracy.
4. Will you need to research anything for it?
Most articles, and informative pieces need to be researched.
5. Where can you be best served for research?
Again, Internet is a great resource, but maybe your local library might have more accurate info.
6. Gather your research, or other info and put it into an outline.
Outlines are great and so are beat lists. Those help me when putting together a piece for publication.
7. Write a tidbit about each part of it under each outline heading.
Look up research articles on outlining for more info.
8. Read it over and see how you can enlarge it.
This is what I did for this post!
9. Make it longer.
It needs to be no less than 300 words.
10. Proofread it.
Errors creep into written pieces as easily as ice melts. Be sure to double-check!

I hope this has been helpful. Feel free to leave a comment below.
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