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Simple tips for beginning writers

This was a very chill video 🙂

Happy last Monday in November! You know what that means! The holidays are coming up and we all will be busy as bees getting ready for them. I hope to get December’s videos all queued up early and take a few weeks off so that I can be with family and friends.

On to this video!

You hear a lot of stuff on the Internet aimed at beginning writers. But in this video, I examine the really BASIC basic stuff that will help you along your way to getting something on the page. Consider them tips.

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My little dog, Darby, makes a cameo in this one, you guys, so feel free to say hi to her down below. I’ll make sure she sees them!

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November Scribbler Unboxing

This week the video is all about unboxing my latest Scribbler offering and my October milestones review. Welcome to November!