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Questions beginning writers have #beginners

This month is turning out to be all about beginning writers and writers just getting started. I hope it is beneficial to you. And if you want to leave a comment below, I will respond soon. I would love to hear what other videos you want to see on the channel. Don’t forget the podcast comes out once a month, on the 18th.

Beginning Authors-where Do I Start

Welcome to another episode of my podcast. Today (and this month) I am talking about beginners to the writing life. This is the audio version from the YouTube video of the same name.

Here is this month’s podcast

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Beginning Authors-where Do I Start

Beginning Writers: Where do I start?

Recently, I have had a lot of interest in being a guest on the channel/podcast/blog. I just want to let everyone know that I am not doing in person face-to-face interviews any longer. If you want to be on the blog, it would be a guest post for you, or maybe an interview OF you but you must be an author. If that sounds like something you want to do, drop me a contact form.

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