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Tarot for Writers -Someone will save the day!!

Someone will save this queen!

Good day friends! I am providing another tarot for writers video. It is getting so warm and nice outside, that I am finding it difficult to stay inside and shoot! So, in the beginning of this video I included a bit of my daily walk and so you can see and enjoy spring in Florida.

But I digress…

This week’s video is all about someone who has become discouraged and embittered because life is not going like they want for it to. I almost felt as though I read for someone in the viewership, it was a very strong reading.

But if you have a romance novel or story you are working on, this may be an important video for you to check out. Someone is going down the tubes and someone is coming to save them 🙂 — I loved how the cards laid out and how the story went from conflictual to a happy ever after ending.

And at the very end of the video, I include my sweet book cover for In the Holler coming out April 15. I would love it if you would go to Amazon and get it as it is out there available for preorder RIGHT NOW! And it is also a ROMANCE but it has some pretty cool women’s fiction elements. I call it ROMWOM. I hope you enjoy it!

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Older writers write romance

Romance genres and subgenres

What if I told you that writing romance is not the same now as it was even fifteen years ago? Watch this video to see why.

Writing Romance Genres and Subgenres

Welcome back to the channel and if you are an older writer, perhaps over-fifty and just getting started, this video is for you.

It’s all about writing romance and romance subgenres and why they matter so much today.

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Over Fifty Writers Finding A Genre

Finding a genre. Welcome to another episode of my podcast. Today I want to help older writers to understand that every writer has multiple books or literary works inside of them, they just have to find a genre. Here’s why I say that…

Over Fifty Writers Finding A Genre

Hi, I’m Kim and I am the author of published works, and in today’s episode I want to help you understand that every writer has multiple books or literary works inside of them. The one that will allow you to get readers, true fans, followers, sales, all of it—is the one you are most passionate about.

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Easy way to find a genre

People don’t know what to write when they are first starting out. The truth is you can publish a number of books, non-fiction, fiction, how-to-I’m-a-guru, lots of different options to try- but one of those books would sell much faster if you knew the formula.

I’m talking about the formula to success for older writers, over-fifty writers, who are just getting started in the process of finding a genre.

Resetting the kanban board

Hey everybody, this video was shot at the end of February and into the first week of March. I show how I set up and take down my kanban board each month. I also go through some planning and journaling steps.

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Tarot for Writers – YA/NA Video Games May Save Them

Have you ever wondered if you could just get inside a video game for a few moments, if you would win at life?

I ask this silly question because it may be the mindset of the character in this tarot read today.

Hi, I am Kim Smith, and I am reading Tarot for Writers today.

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Why You’re Not Getting Book Sales

Why you’re not getting book sales

Today, let’s chat about book sales and the lack of results…the sales you’re NOT getting.

So, say you wanted to excel as a writer in any genre, but you didn’t know how. Could you do it?

In this video, we’re going to talk about how some writers struggle with finding their sweet spot.

You know what? When you just get started as an author, when you launch your very first book–when you first begin on the publishing journey–it’s exciting and fun and just the thought of readers enjoying your book and going to book events and signing your books for adoring fans, and oh yeah, ALL THAT MONEY you make on doing something you really love to do, it is FANTASTIC!

And certainly, if I can do it, you can do it.

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But just because I can and have (13 books so far)-doesn’t mean you can repeat and rinse and come out with the same book sales.

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