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Why I am on #YouTube and why you should care

Ever wonder why someone is on #YouTube? This is the one you have been waiting for.

All about Writer Groupie and why I haven’t been active in so long and what on earth has brought me back around again.

It’s a new year, and a new chance to make videos for writers. I love to write, and I love those who write also. I hope you will enjoy this real-in-your-face video about me and my choice to shoot again and upload to this channel even though my situation is not perfect. Not that having a perfect situation is required. See other videos shot recently to find testimony to that fact. I am trying. That’s all one can do, right?

But if you listen to all the hoopla all you have to do is create videos, upload them, create a buzz for them, and voila! You’re an Internet hit. Well, on #YouTube anyway. They say you don’t have to have fancy cameras, or gear. Not even good lighting if you use a sunny location.


Word to the wise: you ain’t gotta be perfect to start a #YouTube channel-you ain’t even gotta be purty.

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The link mentioned is for this site: I will upload quite a lot of videos for a while in hopes that this channel grows to the numbers it deserves. I am trying so hard to get 100 subscribers so that the channel can get its own name.

If you have suggestions on what you would like to see in the form of how to videos or vlogs or like that here at #YouTube, please let me know.

You can find me on social media at:

#writer #groupie #writing #writers #books #readers #videos #video

Who am I and what is this channel all about?

Thanks for watching. I promise to make things better each time. I even bought a tripod tonight, so if that ain’t dedication, well, I don’t know what is.

WGP Flyby Podcast End Of Year Reflections

Welcome to another episode of my podcast. Today, I reflect on my accomplishments from 2020 and what 2021 may hold.

You know that the end of a year is a time of reflection on what the year has brought, and a great time to do a little planning on how you want the next year to go. Well, this is that podcast. 

To be honest, once I got over into the podcast, I discovered that I have accomplished far more than I had thought.  It became apparent that I wasn’t completely lazy and non-productive. I do hope to bring more items to the table next year, and I discuss my anticipations in this podcast as well.

I would love for you to subscribe to the channel over on YouTube if you would like to see what I am currently doing go here:

I took this image as I went on my daily walk. It represents to me that old saying, “when pigs fly”. It has been a bit of a SOW-er year. We’ve been stuck in the mud. We’ve all been cooking and eating like a pig. *(I could go onnnnnnn)*

podcast for end of year

Also, just so you know, I have a whole site devoted to my writing, and you can see it here:

More of what’s coming…

Anyway, I will be back with content in 2021 that will consists of both videos and podcasts once again. Recording a podcast is the easy thing, creating the video and accompanying blog post is what takes so much time. But I do love to do it, and I do love that you love it too. Please bear with me. The sound sucks at times, and the video is terrible too, but I promise I will get better. I just have to find my groove again.

If you are an author and you would like to be featured on WGP, please leave a contact form on this site and I will contact you.

Christmas Writer Groupie Tarot for Writers 3

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

This is the third installment of my tarot for writers experiment. So far so good. I really love doing these. I am going to try to come up with a way to record them where the viewer can see the cards easily. Right now, I have no way to record except my phone and the tripod I have is sort of “eh”- so excuse my simplistic way of production right now. Maybe if we grow the channel into something bigger, we can afford to do better things.


It is Christmas week this week and I hope that you take some time to enjoy it. I know we are all at home all the time anyway, but there is just something special about this WEEK. Eat too much good food, sleep too much, watch too much Netflix, and just enjoy life in general. That is my wish for you!

christmas gift boxes under fir tree
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Today I am reading for a story/book written in multiple POVs. There is a butcher, a baker, and a candlestick maker and all their fortunes await! I thank you for being my guest today!

Share this channel with your friends and let’s get people checking it out! Call it a CHRISTMAS present to me! is my writing/books site if you are interested

I will be uploading a podcast very soon all about what this year has brought and what I hope to accomplish in 2021. If you like goal setting and all that, be sure to check it out. And if you have suggestions for future videos, please let me know. It is so hard to come up with new content! I am likely going to have to consult my guru, Pinterest. Yeah, you know. The one EVERYONE goes to for ideas? Yeah, that one. Anyway, don’t forget to like the videos, and if you haven’t subscribed, please do that!

For the channel, I still have not decided on how I want to present these videos, and I still haven’t decided how to title my blog post for them. So, excuse me while I am in the throes of new things. Maybe soon I will get thumbnails, banners, etc. all in order. Just another thing for 2021!

Anyway, here is the next video over on the YouTube channel called Tarot for Writers. This is the second one I have put up, and I have added cards to the video where you can click to go get another reading. This one is all about a multiple POV story. If that sounds like you, I hope this video helps you.

I am having a lot of fun doing these. I hope you are enjoying them. If you are, would you please go out and like and subscribe to the channel? I am going to do my best NOT to have a long period of no content. I don’t like it when that happens any more than you do, so believe me, we are on the same page.

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This week, I will have TWO of the readings to go live (Christmas is coming!) and then I will upload once a week thereafter. Probably on Fridays, as that seems to be a good way to kick off my weekend.

If you have any desire to follow me around doing a vlog, let me know. I do go on daily walks and the bird life is fun to see. I wouldn’t mind doing vlogs, but it needs to be something my fans will watch.

So, there you have the latest on my channel. And you have the latest on my endeavors to entertain and astound you.

Go now. See the video:

And if you are interested in any of my books, please visit

We are starting a new thing (TAROT for WRITERS) on the channel over at YouTube beginning today. It is a Goal, Motivation, and Conflict tarot card reading for all things writer. For example, you may need a muse-tweak for a villain. Or a sidekick character, or maybe even a setting. Likely we will be doing this once a week, as I am really enjoying it first of all, and I need content on my channel secondly.

If you have suggestions for something you would like to see on Writer Groupie, drop me a comment below. I am considering interviews again, as Zoom now has made video chatting very easy, and more people are getting into it.

What’s Coming to WRITER GROUPIE?

Writer Groupie will put out a call for interviews when that is something that I am ready to go back to.

tarot for writers
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There will be a podcast soon talking about end of year accomplishments and likely another one for new year goals. I hope you are ready to see and hear me because in 2021 I will definitely be AROUND. I will provide for you once again, blogs, videos, and podcasts. Thank you for being a fan and follower. This would be a very lonely time without you along for the ride. And I do have so many new things coming in 2021-I am pretty excited! Tarot for writers is only one of them.

This should be live on or around the 18th of December so… a very happy week of Christmas lies ahead!

Hope you are all ready for Santa Claus to come!

Check out the new vid here:

And while you are there, would you mind subscribing? I have to have 1000 subscribers before YouTube will give me any love. Thanks again!

If you want to see one of my interviews please go here:

If you are interested in my books go here:

WGP FLYBY Book Scams

Welcome to another episode of my podcast. Today I am venting about weird pricing on Amazon and book scams.

Hey everyone! I hope this finds you all doing well. I checked on a few of my paperbacks and found some very terrible pricing up on Amazon. This led to a bit of a rant on the podcast, so excuse me for venting, but there is a lesson for all of us in this.

WGP FLYBY Book Scams

I posted this on YOUTUBE, TOO!


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Flyby Episode On Revising A Novel

Welcome to another episode of my podcast.

Revising a book

Happy week after Thanksgiving – hope the calories were removed from your feast and you are enjoying a chance to work on your writing goals for the end of the year.

I have been working on the second round of revisions for my work in progress a contemporary romance and it has been going well. Well, as well as they can go during a pandemic and a holiday week.

But I am anticipating going out into the world with this book early next year. I hope you will be excited to read it! But there will be more info on that to come. ESP to my newsletter subscribers. So if you are not a part of the Zanies- go on over to and sign up.
But, for now, here at the podcast I wanted to answer the age old question on editing a novel since I am so busy with all that and more.

Well, first of all, are you editing or revising? Those terms are used interchangeably but they really are not the same thing.

To edit is to look at all the minutiae of a novel. The spelling, the punctuation, the grammar, the sentence structure, the chapter stuff, etc. To revise a novel is to fix plot holes and create more three dimensional characters and develop settings and descriptions etc.

I am revising.

I do the edit stuff at the very last. To me story and what makes it sellable comes first. I can fix missing words any time but to make sure a subplot is concluded satisfactorily, for instance, is so much more important.

But as in all things, there are opinions on this and that just happens to be mine. There are a lot of ways to go about revising your book. You do not have to follow anyone’s way to do it.

Just know that all first drafts suck and you will need to revise. We all do. It’s just the nature of the beast.

My hardest to revise area is setting and description. I mean how do you know when you have done the job and not overdone it? We all like sensory details but pages of it isn’t really necessary.

Unless you are Stephen king and creating a mood. He is the master mood setter.

Okay so moving on.

Telling the reader where the characters are (in a physical way) and keeping the action moving is pretty vital. Recently in a discussion I told someone that I was not one who described my characters appearance preferring instead to allow the reader to “see” them as they chose.

The other party was a little surprised at this saying how they liked that bit to help visualize the people in a book.

Description needs to be done cleverly, y’all. Don’t tell us about them looking In a mirror and appraising themselves. I mean we may do that to ourselves but reading it just sounds weird.

I mean do you think, oh look, I have brown hair and blue eyes and my teeth sparkle? No, you do not. You might ask if you have anything in your teeth, tho.

One final note I’d like to mention is to check out the list of characters you have when revising. Sometimes we give way too much page space to some minor person who never comes back in the book. That will be a great place to cut down on word count.

Okay, that’s enough for today I guess. I am promoting my short story collection of sweet and sexy romances this week. If you are interested go to Amazon and check out a sweet and spicy Christmas.

Namaste for now – kim

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Flyby Episode On Revising A Novel