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The problem with YouTube

In case you haven’t been paying attention, YouTube was fined a very large sum of money by the FTC in September of 2019 and because of that, they have decided to change a lot about the platform.

I am blogging to tell you that I am not too certain that I wish to continue producing content on YT because of this. *now…a podcast, maybe still in the offering…*

First, don’t forget to check their TERMS of SERVICE right now: go here:

What has happened? Watch the video below to find out:

Because of this, your video if you have been interviewed by Writer Groupie may suddenly disappear, and in fact, the entire channel may come down. I believe in protecting kids. I really do. But I believe in protecting myself and my family too. A $42,530 fine for a video that “may” interest a child under 13, that was TRULY not intended to do so, well…it comes under the heading of NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Just a little heads up to all you guys.

Thanks for the memories.