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WGP Episode 76 – We’re BAAACK!

Hey everybody! We are back and this is our inaugural episode although it is numbered as though there was never a TWO YEAR BREAK! And of course, I have said in the video that this is episode 75 – and it is NOT. I would never take the limelight from Lori Roberts and her wonderful episode. You can go listen to it here. It is the real episode 75 not this one.

In this episode (76) you will hear:

  1. What has gone on for the last two years
  2. Who is now doing audio/video production for the show
  3. When you can get on the show for YOUR episode!
  4. A great new idea for you to get an audio clip of your book in front of OUR fans!

Things I still have to do:

  1. Figure out how to get this stuff uploaded to YouTube once again
  2. Ditto for iTunes
  3. Get a format down so that you guys are familiar with how it goes

Not that having a format is all that important for the interview segments. You are totally fine to make it the “Mr or Mrs My Book and all about me” show. But if you have some other sites you frequent that you would like to see our show go up at, please do let me know. (I am going to check out Twitch soon)

But, enough of my jabber. The latest episode is below and I hope you enjoy it.


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Writing Guru Thoughts Into Action


The Writing Guru: Turning Thoughts Into Action

Writer Groupie Podcast brings you discussions, insights, and insider details on planning, producing, promoting, and profiting as a writer.

Welcome to Writer Groupie and this FIRST episode of THE WRITING GURU.

Thanks for listening! You can find show notes, contact form, and more at http://www.writergroupie.net

How can we raise the odds that we will get something written today and end the number of times we just shrug at the computer and our waiting creative endeavors?

These are the questions I will attempt to wander through in this edition of Writing Guru.

Listen in to this first edition of Writing Guru and learn about your thoughts, destiny, and how you CAN coax situations into being in your life just by inducing harmony and coincidence.

Welcome Groupies. Peace and love to you as you get centered and prepare to be creative.

Have you ever noticed how things happen in this world and we just take it for granted? You do not even think of how something else had to take a backseat while you got what you wanted. In truth, an indeterminable amount of things had to happen for you to get your satisfaction, and many of them were negatives depending on who is looking at them. For example, you are listening/reading this post/audio that I have written/recorded and because of that something else is being excluded. Perhaps you said no to cooking a meal, or perhaps you said no to listening to the radio, maybe you said no to the television in order to be here listening to me right now.

That’s what I mean.

Every time you make a decision to act on your thoughts another action is being denied. If you had not said no to these other things, you would not be here right now at this very moment. And if I had not said no to items on my to be done list and recorded this, it would not be here for you to consume. It is how harmony and coincidence collide. It is called synchronicity. It is called destiny.

Every possible action is weighed with two possibilities:
1. It will happen
2. It won’t

Now I am not saying that destiny can’t be tweaked. It can.

It’s called action.


You can increase the odds in your favor by taking an action. You know well that if you want to lose weight, you have to first have the thought about losing the weight, and second, take an action to do it. It is a for sure thing that having the thought alone will not move that needle lower on the scales.
Although you could say no to getting on the scale at all. An action is just an action but it has consequences.

But if you get on the treadmill, every day, and eat a diet that is conducive to weight loss, you will see the thought turn into a reality. Going back to my example of how things have to be denied…well, you see what I mean. When you say no to eating ice cream after your dinner each night, you are in fact saying yes to the thought of losing weight and thereby increasing your odds of success.

It is the very same with your creativity and getting a book written.

There are a lot of ways you can take your actions, also. You could say,  I want to write a book. Then your action would be to actually sit down in the chair and put your thought into action. But you could also pull out a page of paper and write. Or you could use the recording device on your phone and dictate ideas and transcribe them later.

Just because there are a multitude of ways to put ideas into motion, it doesn’t mean that you have to tackle them all. You only have to choose one to influence the outcome of your thought-action destiny.

Aside from the possibilities of HOW you will get this action completed, what determines the outcome is the action. It is clearly related to taking the thought of writing into the next level. And one more thing…the more ways there are to accomplish the goal of seeing thought turned into action, the more likely we are to actually ACT.

Think about that. If you have multiple ways to get a bit of writing done, you will more likely sit down and do it than if there is only one. And if there are ample means for us to write, then the more the opportunity sector goes up, and the higher the likelihood that we will actually get down to the action of writing.

And this doesn’t even examine places to write. When our thought about taking action considers all the possibilities that are there for us to take that first step, it is hard to find a reason not to.

I hope this has helped you to see how you can turn your thought about writing a book into an activity that can happen and in order to keep order in the universe, really SHOULD happen.

Until next time, peace out, Groupies.
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Brand building:become famous

Building a brand: ways to do it

Recently, someone told me that they noticed that every time they opened their browser, it seemed like, I was there. They wanted to know how on earth I got it all done, and became such a household name. I smiled and told them it was a secret. Well, being a brand is a different animal.


Well, it is. Because I don’t know HOW I got to be so popular! But I have a goodly list of ways  and things to try that might benefit you.

Keeping it real,  I never believed I would become popular in this space, especially with WGP– a podcast in the “how to write/writer life” niche, which as you probably know is terribly overdone.

A successful blog is not just a blog. Right enough, it’s the place where things get first notice. It’s where ability is considered and content is offered. But if you stick to just that one thing, you’ll be just that – and only that.

Your website and blog is your hub, your home base where people can go to find out more about who you are and what you do. It’s the starting point for people to find more about the great whole of your brand.

7 Ways to Build a Brand

  1. Be everywhere. This is hard, folks. I am not going to lie. You will spend as much time online as offline at least in the beginning. I have been on forums, social media, and writing sites for nearly ten years. But, it is paying off. You cannot say, “I do not have enough time for all that”. If you decide early on that you cannot do it, then you have already failed. TRY. JUST TRY.
  2. Keep it consistent. You need to have the same imagery on all those sites that you are on. Build a visual brand as well as a presence. People identify with images these days. They will remember bits of what you say, but always your iconic image.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Podcasting was not something that I just decided one day that I would be good at. It was something that I determined was a good way to capture a different audience. You have to be able to try new stuff and see what works. You may be the next big thing!
  4. It takes less than five minutes to set up social media accounts. Don’t be one of those people who says I don’t want to be on social media. It’s the best way to reach readers. If you decide you do not want to be on social media, you are going to have a very tough go at building your brand.
  5. Guest post! This is a fun and easy way to broaden your outreach. Find other people who are into what you are into and have a blog. Most every one wants new faces and blog posts, offer to be the one for a day on theirs.
  6. Give until it hurts. We are a society of consumers. We want everything we can get and we want it for free. It’s okay to give your audience a lot of stuff. And give it to them for free. Get known as the guy or gal who has so much knowledge and gives it out to readers for nothing. That also is a brand.
  7. Cultivate a fan base who will spread the word. When you over-give, you build a fan base of people who want to help you be a household name.  They will share your info, buy your books, and follow you around the net.

My name is linked to a few great sites and my podcast is growing. I would say that my evil plan is working but…you already know that.