Episode 72 Kathryn Sullivan, YA Sci-fi and Fantasy


This week, Kathryn comes back on WGP to discuss her experiences as an orphaned author and how it wasn’t necessarily the end of her writing world.


Kathryn Sullivan was born and raised in the Chicago suburb of Berkeley, Illinois, where she started writing her first stories. Kathryn now lives in Winona, MN, where the river bluffs along the Mississippi River double as cliffsides on alien planets or the deep mysterious forests in a magical world.

Her first published novel was The Crystal Throne, which won the 2002 EPPIE for Best Fantasy, and its sequel, Talking to Trees, was a finalist for a Dream Realm Award for Best Young Adult. Her short story collection, Agents & Adepts, won the 2003 Dream Realm Award for Best Anthology. Her children’s picture book, Michael & the Elf, has been reprinted by Guardian Angel Publishing.

A Chick who has dug Time Lords for many years, she has an essay, “The Fanzine Factor”, in the Hugo Award-winning Chicks Dig Time Lords and a review in Outside In: 160 New Perspectives on 160 Doctor Who stories by 160 writers.

Her recent works are short stories “Search and Rescue” and “The Oracle of Cilens” (Amazon) as well as “The Taste of Treasure” in Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells, and “The Theft of the Royal Jewels” in the pirate anthology A Tall Ship, A Star and Plunder (Dark Oak Press).

She also has a review in Outside In Boldly Goes: 117 New Perspectives on 117 Classic Star Trek Stories By 117 Writers. She is a proud member of Broad Universe and EPIC. Any birdlike beings in her books only slightly resemble her cockatoo owner.

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In this episode with Kathryn Sullivan, we discuss:


  • The changes that have taken place in Kathy’s writing life since last we met at Imaginarium. Link to previous interview HERE where she was my 40th interview on WGP
  • Her Eppie nomination on Search and Rescue and how she went with self publishing it
  • How many books and stories she had with Amber Quill Press (her former publisher)
  • Insider details about small publishing woes including when they go out of business etc. and Kathy’s advice on what to do
  • How networking with others can be of help to orphaned authors
  • Why spreading your work out among more than one small press is smart
  • Why waiting for a little while after losing one’s publisher before looking for a new one might be a good plan for some
  • How Kathy shopped around for other publishers
  • What to tell your prospective publisher about repub and genre
  • What authors are faced with so far as promo and cover art etc. when losing a publisher
  • AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!


    Listen to my writing news info, personal update, and the AUDIO ONLY version of the interview here:

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    Facebook: Kathryn Sullivan, author
    Website: Kathryn Sullivan, author website
    Amazon page
    : Kathryn Sullivan, author page at Amazon


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